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Cute Coeds Playing With Large Dildo

Duration: 15m, 43s, Starring Ashley Haze, Lani Kahluha

(4 Votes)

Ashley Haze and Lani Kahluha star as two coeds, one a virgin who is taught how to be a slut by the experienced Lani Kahluha. The acting in the scene by Ashley Haze is so horrible it is almost funny but if you look past her acting abilities on concentrate on what she does best, which is fucking, the scene is a good one. Ashley proves she can choke down a cock with the best of them and both chicks show that their pussies are still very tight because both have trouble with the girth of the dildo they are using.

Young Blond Virgin Gets Pleasured

Duration: 20m, Starring Cailey Taylor, Sergio

(Not Rated)

Bored with her book Cailey plays with her pussy instead. Meanwhile Sergio is breaking into the house. Both caught in the act they agree to fool around. Sucking his cock is the first order of business. Laying down on the bed legs spread Sergio gets to work on her tight pussy. Licking it at first his tongue has her moaning in pleasure. Asking for it his tool is slowly inserted into her womanhood. Faster and faster his giant ram pounds her reddened cunt. Showing her something new his sword pushes into her ass. Stroking her clit while he pushes soon has her moaning. His pleasure proving too much he pulls out and comes in her open mouth.

Two Young Virgins Please Each Other

Duration: 19m, 42s, Starring Cailey Taylor, Naudia Nyce

(2 Votes)

Starting with a two sided dildo Cailey Taylor and Naudia Nyce experiment with where they put it. Cailey is first to get her pussy licked and the dildo slid into her cunt. Twisting as she pushes Cailey enjoys the feeling. In and out it goes much to her pleasure. Now its Naudia's turn and Cailey wastes no time doing to her what she just learned. Licking the dido at both ends these girls sit facing each other and slowly insert it into their tight pussies. Moans of pleasure are heard as they play with their clits while pushing it in and out. Pulling out a vibrator Cailey tries it in the ass while fingering her clit. Her orgasm is loud.

Blond Hotty Gets Both Holes Slammed

Duration: 18m, 34s, Starring Cailey Taylor, Dick Tracy

(Not Rated)

Laying in bed holding her toy young Cailey Taylor wakes up to find Dick Tracy in the room. Quick to show how he has her sucking his cock. Alternating with her toy and his dick she soon winds up with her legs spread getting her fresh pussy licked. Next his dick is making the inaugural penetration of her cunt. Slapping hard and deep she moans in pleasure. laying on her side he continues pushing his tool hard into her womanhood. Her tight ass is next to feel the onslaught of his ram. Riding now her ass surrounds his dick while she fingers her clit to an orgasm. Pulling out he rubs it off into her open mouth.

Horny Blond Looses Her Virtue To Stud

Duration: 19m, 2s, Starring Eve Laurence, Tyler Wood

(5 Votes)

Home alone Eve Lawrence is fingering her pussy when Tyler Wood walks in. Quickly laying down on the bed he gets his cock sucked. Both horny and raring to go they assume the 69 position. After licking each other to arousal she straddles him and rides his hardened shaft. Up and down she pushes down hard against his tool. Turned around for a better vies she gets her pussy pounded hard and fast. Kneeling on the bed she gets it from behind. His swollen sword pounds her tight pussy making her scream with pleasure. His cocks relentless assault on her cunt gets him excited beyond compare. Proving too much he pulls out and comes in her face.

Young Virgin Takes It In The Ass

Duration: 19m, 36s, Starring Alex Rox

(2 Votes)

If you like to be teased then Randi Wright is your girl. Not wanting to loose her virginity Alex Rox convinces her to blow him. A quick study Randi soon has his cock deep in her mouth. Taking it deep while he pushes it in she shows no sigh of distress. Sitting back on the couch she kneels down and swallows his swollen tool. Holding her pony tails he fucks her mouth while she fingers her pussy. Now standing he fucks her in the mouth while teasing her clit with his fingers. Feeling turned on she allows him to pound her in the ass. Slow and deep he pushes his ram. Feeling the pressure he pulls out and comes in her face.

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