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Sara Dark Indulges in Dark Desire

Duration: 22m, 59s, Starring Sara Dark, Mr. Nice

(3 Votes)

Sara Dark is not the innocent amateur that she appears on first glance. You'll take in her gorgeous looks to start with, but then you'll move on to admiring her goddamn sexual attitude. She is rather intense and passionate, making sure that you won't ever be able to forget her. Once she starts working at her body, she makes sure to rub herself all over to get herself soaking wet and ready for Mr. Nice. She is very happy to see him, because he is always happy to indulge her in her wild desire for an ass to mouth adventure.

Michele May Craves Ass to Mouth

Duration: 23m, 59s, Starring Michele May, Michael V.

(2 Votes)

Michele May comes across as a very demure kind of girl, with a sweet tight pussy that you would just love to defile. She is not the innocent type that she comes across as, however. Instead of being this perfectly cute girl next door, she turns into a wild, moaning whore that will shock you with the way she's acting. She wants that dick in her ass, so Michael V. is all about that. Before long he is filling up her ass and making her scream, and then she starts sucking his dick after he pulls it out of her ass.

Michaela Takes a Dirty Dick Surprise

Duration: 24m, 56s, Starring Michaela, Mr. Nice

(3 Votes)

Michaela is the type of chick who is pretty straightforward about the whole sex thing, but even she has a few surprises that you aren't going to expect. Mr. Nice is making quick work of her pussy, working his big dick in after she gets herself all hot and bothered. As he slips and slides in that sweet pussy, he knows that he's going to want to go ahead and pound her right in the ass. Not only is Michaela all for that, she also makes a suggestion for some improvement - she wants him to fuck her in the ass then make her suck that dirty dick.

Janet Peron is a Dirty Whore Ass Lover

Duration: 25m, 6s, Starring Janet Peron, Michael V.

(2 Votes)

Janet Peron comes across as the type of amateur who would make a few pretty vanilla pornos and then fade off into the distance. Instead of doing that, she's going to go ahead and take the porn world by storm with her obsession for ass to mouth action. She loves anal to begin with, and when you add in how dirty the ass to mouth is for her, she's absolutely amazing. Michael V. has a thing about making chicks choke on his dick to begin with, and when he gets to do it after plugging her anally it's even more exciting.

Isa Takes a Dirty Ass to Mouth

Duration: 23m, 42s, Starring Isa, Mr. Nice

(1 Vote)

Isa looks like a girl who would never even think of being in porn, let alone being in something as nasty as ass to mouth action. It turns out that you can never judge a book by its cover, especially in porn, and you'll see that this sexy amateur is about to make your world go wild. She spends plenty of time with Mr. Nice before the main act, sucking on his dick and enjoying getting fondled and groped. What she really wants to do, though, is to get herself fucked deep in her ass. Before long he is shoving his dick down her throat, driving her crazy.

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