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Busty Black Tart Bounces On Black Penis

Duration: 19m, 24s, Starring Caramel, Julian St. Jox

(9 Votes)

Some girls are just always ready to party! Big titty black honey Caramel rushes to her bitches barbecue, stirring up late in a stranger's bed. As soon as she walks in the door, she is ushered onto the stairs by good-looking black pimp Julian St Fox. This horny bitch can't wait to get her man's cock in her mouth; she kneels in front of him and starts to gag on his fat black prick immediately! Julian sits on the steps while the bushy pussy slut lowers her cunt down on the pole, beginning to bob up and down, moaning and pinching her own nipples. Julian finishes her off with doggystyle, and then Caramel takes the juicy load in her mouth.

Punky Black Babe Loves White Dick

Duration: 20m, 3s, Starring Mocha, Marc Cummings

(4 Votes)

I love Mocha to begin with, and she's even better in this interracial fuck fest with Marc Cummings. She just has a very punky, attitude laden look that is topped off by a doorag. A pink doorag. It's feminine while being badass at the same time, and that just perfectly represents the type of attitude that Mocha has. She's loving Marc's white dick - it might be white but it's still big enough to compare favorably to all of the brothas that she has wrapped her lips around. And the sex is just incredible and leaves her gasping in orgasm.

Adina Jewel Loves Big Black Dicks

Duration: 15m, 54s, Starring Adina Jewel, Kenya, Lola Lane, Jasper Wade

(4 Votes)

Adina Jewel is a cock hungry whore who pretty much exclusively sucks on big black dicks like Jasper Wade. She doesn't care who or what she has to go through or step over to get to the dicks of her dreams, she just goes ahead and does it with a big smile on her face. This wild whore is rather thrilled to be so blessed by getting all of these well endowed cocks down her throat and it looks like she has mastered the art of cock sucking. Before long she is guzzling down that jizz and putting another notch on her sexual belt.

Black Girls Tag Teaming Big Dick

Duration: 19m, 23s, Starring Adina Jewel, Lola Lane, Darren James

(12 Votes)

It's always nice when girls have no problems sharing with each other. Kenya starts out with sucking on Darren James' long, thick and black dick but she's soon joined by Lola Lane. Instead of having a catty fight with her girlfriend the two gorgeous black ladies reasonably decided that they should just suck him off at the same time. So one of the girls mans the head and the other one is on ball patrol. This arrangement certainly looks like it worked out for everyone, and before long the room is covered in cum.

Tracy Mathis Black Amateur Natural Tits

Duration: 17m, 8s, Starring Tracy Mathis, Byron Long

(6 Votes)

Tracy Mathis is a cute college coed who is sporting a great set of natural tits and a smile on her face that shows she's rather excited about what's about to happen. She is eying Byron Long up and down, but mostly down because she can see that dick growing second by second. It looks like she's rather impressed at the size of it and she wants nothing more than that dick to slam away inside of her. Her tight pussy is in for a hell of a time in this hot black on black amateur coed fuck fest. Before long she's going to be so damn sore and happy as hell.

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