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Busty Black Escort Does Great Deepthroat

Duration: 12m, 32s, Starring Stacy Lane, Neno Black

(4 Votes)

This is the kind of fantastic black hooker of which dreams are made! Ebony stud Neno Black can't handle the aching in his loins anymore, calling up his local ebony escort agency and ordering himself a busty hooker in the form of delicious babe Stacy Lane. There is a knock on the door and then the amazingly hot honey strolls into the living room, looking sensational in a fishnet outfit and heels. Her massive natural tits are virtually spilling out of her top, and her nipples are rock hard! Neno doesn't have enough money for full sex, so he has to content himself with a hot and sloppy no condom blow job from the horny streetwalker.

Misty Love Attacks Black Dick

Duration: 10m, 57s, Starring Misty Love, Ace

(1 Vote)

Misty Love is a cute amateur that has a very dark secret - she wants to go ahead and slurp on a big black dick. Ace is more than willing to oblige this sweetheart's fetish, and he brings out his big black dick for her to choke down. It turns out that this is the biggest dick she has ever managed to take, and she is choking it down in no time. Her mouth is open nice and wide and she's getting herself so worked up that her pussy juices are soaking the floor. And she makes sure to take him right to his release.

Donna Red Slurps Back A Cock Outdoors

Duration: 9m, 3s, Starring Donna Red, Ethan Hunt

(3 Votes)

When gorgeous young black babe Donna Red goes to stay at the mansion of stud Ethan Hunt, she soon finds out that she doesn't have to pay any money for rent. That's not to say that her stay is free! Rather, she has to pay in kind - with hot blow jobs and by offering up her little pussy! She puts her stuff in her room and then pays her first installment, sucking Ethan outdoors. However, she is far from despondent about her situation - she can't wait to get that hot load in her mouth and on her face! She's a fantastic, sloppy cocksucker, getting her man off in record time and enjoying every minute of it. She's going to be a great tenant!

Isabella Cruz Enjoys Black Throat Fuck

Duration: 14m, 36s, Starring Isabella Cruz, Neno Black

(110 Votes)

Isabella Cruz loves the attention that she gets to give to Neno Black. You see, she has always wanted to get throat fucked by a black guy, and she finally gets to take on a massive ebony cock. She is loving how it feels to wrap her lips around that dick, working herself up and down the shaft nice and slow. She doesn't get to keep it slow for long, and soon enough she's trying not to choke as she's handling the dick going all the way to the back of her throat. This is a hot as hell throat fucking scene you've got to check out.

Chyanne Jacobs Attacks Big Black Dong

Duration: 11m, 31s, Starring Chyanne Jacobs, Byron Long

(2 Votes)

Some girls don't even care about the fucking - they just want to go ahead and wrap their lips around a big fat dick and suck it until it runs dry. This is the case with Chyanne Jacobs, who might just get you to jizz in your pants before she's sucking on anything. You see, she's starting this one out with a hot strip tease, her big phat black ass working itself up and down that pole. She is an expert stripper, and knows just how to dance to drive Byron Long crazy. She's nice enough to offer him a blowjob after she's gotten him hard.

Pretty Amateur Shyla Gobbles A Prick

Duration: 9m, 47s, Starring Shyla Haze, Byron Long

(3 Votes)

After a short interview and posing segment, light skinned amateur black coed Shyla Haze takes to the enormous member of stud Byron Long in this stylized oral sex scene. Shyla giggles when she first lays eyes on the enormous whopper, so thick, dark and muscular. Shyla has quite light skin that contrasts sharply against the virtual jet blackness of Byron's penis. That doesn't stop the horny slut from taking it in her mouth, and her giggles soon turns to moans of pleasure as she takes to the prick like a woman possessed. Soon she's gagging and choking as she slurps back the penis, her eyes rolling back in her head in pleasure.

Contessa Vivalia Loves Massive Dong

Duration: 10m, 9s, Starring Contessa Vivalia, Kham Sale

(2 Votes)

Contessa Vivalia is a lovely brunette hottie that has a thing for big black dicks - and she can't help but want to suck on them all day long. Kham Sale certainly doesn't argue against the attention. Instead he loses the pants and lets her get her freak on. She starts working her hands up and down on that dick, and her mouths follow. Before long she is getting really wild, working her mouth back and forth up and down that shaft, thrusting herself on him so fast that her head is blurring. Then he goes for the throat fucking, making her guzzle all of his cum.

Carmen Hayes Displays Her Oral Abilities

Duration: 9m, 52s, Starring Carmen Hayes, Dick James

(5 Votes)

Voluptuous black hottie Carmen Hayes has dressed up in some remarkably sensual ethnic garb for her man Dick James. She performs a slow erotic striptease on the living room floor, bending over to reveal flashes of her perfect buttocks and her incredible cleavage. Finally she gets down to business, stripping completely nude and squatting submissively in between Dick's legs. With a sly smile on her face she takes to the penis, getting it nice and wet with her saliva and jerking it with one hand while she suckles on the head. The dirty bitch even sticks the tip of her tongue right in the eye of the penis! Soon her tits are drenched in jizz.

Ms. Platinum Enjoying Hefty Black Dick

Duration: 14m, 52s, Starring Ms. Platinum, Dwayne Cummings

(4 Votes)

Ms. Platinum is a sexy black amateur who has her eyes set on Dwayne Cummings' dick - and she will stop at nothing to get her hands on it. Of course he doesn't take much convincing at all, so she is pulling down his pants in no time. Her mouth wraps itself around his cock almost of its own accord, and she is fucking loving the way it hits the back of her throat. She is an expert cock sucker and you can tell that she is certainly enjoying the noises he is making in response to her throat fucking.

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