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Girls of the Taj Mahal 11

An Indian Girl Gets Her First Big Dick

Duration: 29m, 39s, Starring Catita

(21 Votes)

Catita was right off the boat from Bombay and was looking for a good time. She had lived a pretty conservative life up until now so just being naked on camera was a big step. When she started sucking cock as the camera rolled it was a whole new world that really turned her on. Her pussy was so wet from giving head that when he slid his cock in he was able to go balls deep right away. He pounded that curry flavored slice while she sucked on a toy then she got on top and rode him until she had her first orgasm in years. She came so good she even let him fuck her ass. It was a new world and she was loving every inch of it.

Naughty Indian Girl Gets Fucked

Duration: 29m, 13s, Starring Kareenah, Brian Foxxx

(9 Votes)

Kareenah is not your typical pornstar - she is one of the rarest of the rare, a sexy Indian girl that will make you want to take your dick out and cum all over her face. She's even dressed up in a traditional outfit, which makes it even more fucked up when Brian Foxxx starts to shove his dick down her throat. That's not the kind of thing she's used to at all, so you can see her light up when it comes time to take that dick and own it. She is moaning and groaning like it's the first dirty deed she's ever done.

Hot Amateur Indian Getting Pouded

Duration: 25m, 30s, Starring Monkia, Joe Cool

(10 Votes)

Monkia might have just landed in this country, but Joe Cool is giving her no time to regroup. She is going to get her Indian pussy stretched, pounded, and giving the pleasure it deserves before she even gets to check into a hotel. She has this very exotic look to her, with a unique outfit and up done hair. She seems a bit wary at first, but once her pussy starts to get wet she relaxes into it, letting her body do the talking. And oh what a body it is, all nice and tight - you know you want to bang the hell out of that.

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