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Girls of the Taj Mahal 16

Slender Indian Babe Takes White Cock In Reverse Cowgirl

Duration: 29m, 12s, Starring Hita, Joe Cool

(8 Votes)

Skinny Indian beauty Hita is gorgeous in a traditional Indian style, with stunning and exotic eyes and a bindi on her forehead. However, she takes a cock like the most experienced of veteran LA porn sluts! Stud Joe Cool sits back and relaxes as the submissive babe gives him a very attentive blow job although Joe's dick is a little too long for complete deepthroating, she certainly does her best! Joe takes over later in the vid, pumping the pretty babe in just about every position however, it's the reverse cowgirl anal that has got to be the highlight, with Joe pulling Hita's pussy wide open while he fucks her in the ass.

Slinky Indian Loves Being White Man's Sex Slave

Duration: 28m, 30s, Starring Uttara, Burke

(7 Votes)

Uttara is one of the rarest of the rare in porn - she's a hot Indian babe and she knows how to work her pussy magic on some white boys. Burke can't keep his eyes off of her, especially since he's never seen a completely shaved petite Indian girl before. He takes every bit of advantage that he can get from her, knowing that she's never experienced a cock quite so hard as his. She is whimpering every step of the way, getting herself into a cock hungry frenzy that only ends when she finally gets her taste of the cum that she's after.

Hairy Hindu Pussy Gets Joe Cool Ready For Fucking

Duration: 25m, 39s, Starring Prema, Joe Cool

(11 Votes)

Joe Cool loves going to exotic places, and one of those places happens to be India today. He's in a small Indian town looking for a place to stay for the night when he comes across a very pretty woman that has no one staying with her. No husband, no one else to bother him. It's Joe's lucky day, and it's Prema's too. She's finally going to get a guy to fuck her for once. She hasn't had a man since her husband left her, saying she was bad luck. Now she's got a white man to give her all the cock she could ever desire.

Skinny Indian MILF Shows She Can Still Take a Dick

Duration: 22m, 19s, Starring Akuti, Simon Stell

(9 Votes)

Akuti is about to get her daily fuck training from Simon Stell. She's been told that if she doesn't know how to fuck well then she won't be kept on as one of the servants at the Taj Mahal. It's not really true, and it's really just a reason for Simon to fuck her on a regular basis, but since she didn't question it he's going to run with this idea for as long as he can. Today they're in one of the many spare rooms, and found a nice sofa to use. She gets on her knees to start him off the way she knows he likes it.

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