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Homey in the Haystack

Delia Gets Taken in the Living Room

Duration: 17m, 19s, Starring Delia, Tyce Bune

(4 Votes)

Delia is a horny harlot who absolutely loves the thought of taking on a pounding, and she is just letting Tyce Bune have his way with her. Her pussy is wet with desire and her entire body quivers with anticipation. Before long she is moaning and gasping as his hands work around her body, caressing her, making her scream and shudder as she gets completely and utterly overwhelmed with passion. Once she has gotten herself good and wet, he slides right into her, giving her his entire length and making her arch her back with pleasure.

Naughty Frontier Girl Gets Pounded by Django

Duration: 24m, 47s, Starring Regan Starr, Byron Long

(4 Votes)

You might think that Amish girl Regan Star was far too demure to go in to the barn and take a pounding from Byron Long, but you'd soon find out that you're wrong. This cute and innocent Amish lass ends up in front of a camera, which she probably didn't even know what it was, taking on a black cock that is far bigger than any dick she has ever seen...if she's even seen a cock before. She loves how it feels when it slides in to her pussy, making her writhe and moan in sheer pleasure. Now that's an unusual porn scene.

Cute Blond Zoe Takes on Interracial Cock

Duration: 15m, 12s, Starring Zoe, Byron Long, Jay Ashley

(1 Vote)

Zoe is sweet, cute and blonde, but don't judge a book by its cover. This horny harlot has been angling to get her mouth on some black cock for a long time, and she finally has Byron Long and Jay Ashley at her beck and call. Before long she is getting down in between these two well hung men, considering exactly who she wants to go ahead and suck off. She just loves getting more and more worked up as she goes between the two dicks, eventually exploding in a wild orgasm that makes her shake and shudder.

Candy Vegas Entertains Two Dicks

Duration: 8m, 21s, Starring Candy Vegas, Byron Long, Dave Hardman

(3 Votes)

Candy Vegas is a lusty, lovely pornstar who doesn't want much more than to entertain every cock that she finds, so she knows that she's going to be able to take a pounding from two dicks at once to make it easier. Byron Long and Dave Hardman are all over this saucy, sassy sweetheart. Once she gets herself ready for a fun time, she's pulling on her stockings and getting in between these dong machines. She loves every second of the action, especially when her pussy is spread open wide by these hungry cocks.

Amish Blond Gangbanged By Three Hung Men

Duration: 7m, 38s, Starring Mila, Brandon Iron, Dave Hardman, Mark Vega

(3 Votes)

It's always the most sexually repressed religious girls who turn out to be the nastiest! Blond honey Mila falls to her knees outdoors in between three muscular Amish guys, who immediately open her blouse to expose her perfect natural breasts and ram their cocks down her throat. The well hung studs go straight to anal on the dirty bitch, who is pleading for a big cock in her ring piece. After all the guys have taken a turn at riding her ass, things get kicked up a notch with a severe double penetration - these guys really don't hold back! There's nothing sexier than seeing a gorgeous, naturally busty blond begging for a load in her mouth!

Pioneer Wife Slammed Over Kitchen Table

Duration: 5m, 36s, Starring Candy Vegas, Dave Hardman

(2 Votes)

Even in the austere pioneer setting, you can't stop people getting their fuck on! An aging Dave Hardman is having breakfast at the kitchen table with his hot, young and pretty wife, when he pushes his bowl to one side - he wants his morning blowjob! He pulls down his trousers and waves his cock in his wife's face and crams it into her mouth. She automatically starts to suck, slurping up and down the dick to make it wet. She gasps in a mix of surprise and pleasure as her husband bends her over the kitchen table, yanks down her panties and spears her with his rock har

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