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Voluptuous Spantaneeus Xtacy Deep Screwed On The Pool Table

Duration: 8m, 56s, Starring Spantaneeus Xtacy, Hercules

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Ebony stunner Spantaneeus Xtacy wants to have her pussy filled with hard black cock - and what better way to get what she wants than flaunting her nakedness in front of a virile and well hung stud like Hercules? Although the horny couple are supposed to be playing a game of pool, they end up using the table for dirty sexual purposes far removed from those envisaged by the original builder. Spantaneeus gets down on her knees and sucks Hercules' dick to the base, even teasing his ass hole with her middle finger. However, before Hercules has the chance to spunk in her mouth, she pulls his fat cock into her hairy snatch from the back.

Shonna Doing A Little Backdoor Boning

Duration: 16m, 21s, Starring Shonna Lynn, Magnum D

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Shonna Lynn loves the cock and can't wait to get her tight peach fish all wet for some hardcore action! Magnum D is hard and ready, wasting no time in getting down and dirty. Her dress and panties hit the floor in a flash! She wraps her lips around his stiff prick and starts working his salami like a pro! Her hard work is rewarded as he bangs her twat hard and long. Shonna gets loud about how well she's being fucked by her super stud. Switching between a variety of positions she gets banged every way Magnum can imagine and more! The bedroom almost isn't enough to contain these two and their lust for one another!

Rachel Loves Being Ass Fucked By Her Hung Black Muscle Man

Duration: 15m, 51s, Starring Rachel St. Marie, Hercules

(1 Vote)

Short haired black babe Rachel St Marie loves her guys beefy, and she is immediately moist between the legs at the sight of muscle stud Hercules! It's quite an appropriate name for the stud, because he is tall, with the kind of physique that you would expect on a statue of a Greek god. Rachel basically worships the muscle man, giving his cock a superb deepthroating she's got thick, bee stung lips that look like they were built for the sole purpose of blowing a man's pole! Hercules pounds her good in her hairy pussy but quickly switches to anal sex, and although it hurts, Rachel rubs her horny clit until she has an ass orgasm.

Busty Heather Lee Has Her Asshole Stretched To Breaking Point

Duration: 18m, 13s, Starring Heather Lee, Dick Nasty

(5 Votes)

Stacked vintage porn babe Heather Lee is in fine form for this extreme hardcore fuck featuring older stud Dick Nasty. They sure don't make them like Heather anymore! The overly busty cutie has got an enormous pair of fake tits, although it's her mouth that is the star of the show as she goes down on Dick's massively erect cock. After a superb blow job, Dick slides in to Heather's hairy 1980s style pussy, making her moan as he loosens her up. However it's the anal where this scene really shines, with Dick bending Heather over and screwing her hard and deep up the butt, with some fantastic close-ups of her ass stretching to breaking point.

Spantaneeus Loves Nothing More Than Choking Down A Fat Pole

Duration: 14m, 53s, Starring Spantaneeus Xtacy, Chet Langdon

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After ebony hoochie mamma Spantaneeus Xtasy is thrown out of her boyfriend's house, she goes crying to porn pimp Chet Langdon for sympathy. She's gone to the wrong place if she wants a shoulder to cry on - all she is going to get is a fat black cock to suck! However, that's fine with a harlot like Spantaneeus, who loves nothing more than choking down a long, sticky dick. The oral goes both ways, with Chet lubricating Spantaneeus' pussy with his mouth before he impales her with his ebony shaft. The black slut is quite hairy down below, providing extra friction for Chet's unprotected member. He blows a fat one right on her black ass!

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