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Mixed Race BBWs Love the Taste Of Cock

Duration: 11m, 13s, Starring Chyna White, Victoria Coxx, Victoria Secet, Hugh Blackner

(6 Votes)

Once again, fatty chaser Hugh Blackner has scored himself a couple of gorgeous fat babes. Normally he gets black street whores, mainly because they are common and cheap, but today he has managed to get himself a mixed race duo consisting of Caucasian slut Chyna White and top heavy harlot Victoria Coxx. These girls have one thing in common - they're both absolutely fucking massive! They walk in to the bedroom with big smiles on their faces, with Chyna taking the dick in her mouth first and then Victoria having a go. After these girls' extremely hot and sloppy oral service, Hugh orders both girls to kneel so he can spray them with jizz.

BBW Cocksuckers Work The Dick Like Pros

Duration: 6m, 14s, Starring Decollector, Kiwi, Hugh Blackner

(3 Votes)

There's a little bit of tension in the corridor between huge black tarts Decollector and Kiwi. Both of these chunky BBW babes are dressed in extremely slutty fluorescent fishnet outfits that really make them look like the degenerate street whores that they are. The girls both want to be the star - but that's for pornstar Hugh Blackner to decide! Hugh calls the babes into his room and then tells them to suck his cock one by one; however, before you know it one of the big titty ebony babes is sitting on his face and rubbing her beefy vagina on his lips and tongue. The girls kneel down to receive a splattering double facial.

Cumswapping Ebony Whores Who Love Dick

Duration: 9m, 43s, Starring Diva Starr, Kiwi, T. Sparks, Hugh Blackner

(3 Votes)

Fishnet wearing ebony whores Diva Starr and T Sparks always work as a team. The skanky ebony tarts are both sexy and sexually insatiable; they love money, but they love cocks even more! The girls go home with stud Hugh Blackner, who offers them a thick wad of cash to suck his dick. They get naked on the sofa with him, showing off their beefy pussies and large breasts before they get down to the business at hand. These girls have awesome oral skills, polishing Hugh's pole like a true professional, getting his load out of his balls in record time. The cum hungry harlots swap the creamy load back and forth - it's extremely sexy!

Huge Black BBW Sits On White Guys' Face

Duration: 9m, 22s, Starring Butta Kream, Ms New Bootie, Hugh Blackner

(2 Votes)

Where ever there is a white man with an erect penis and a pocket full of money, there will be bunch of ebony street hookers looking to satisfy his urges! Hugh Blackner, a wealthy white stud with a penchant for black tarts, has got more money than most, enough that he can hire two hookers at the same time. Tonight he leads ebony sluts Ms New Bootie and Butta Cream back to his hotel room. He sits down on the sofa, pulling down his pants. The girls take turns blowing him so he can decide whose oral services he prefers. At one point Butta Cream gets on his face for an obscene 69!

Two Massive Jizz Hungry Ebony Hookers

Duration: 8m, 54s, Starring Lovely, Mz. Caution, Hugh Blackner

(3 Votes)

Where the hell does white porn stud Hugh Blackner find these bitches? Today he has got another pair of chunky black whores, Mz Caution and Lovely. The girls stand on the threshold of his room, getting their big tits out to gain themselves entry. Money changes hands and then Hugh pulls out his cock, ordering the plus sized bitches to get down on their knees. Normally Hugh likes to have a bit of face sitting, but these sluts are hungry for dick; at first they both attack the penis one by one, and then they get in on the act simultaneously, with Lovely licking the balls while Mz Caution continues to suck the dick, hungry for jizz.

Chunky Black Whores Want That Sweet Jizz

Duration: 10m, 33s, Starring Sabrina Love, Show Girl, Hugh Blackner

(4 Votes)

Perverted white fucker Hugh Blackner has got himself another couple of slutty black tarts. Straight from the street corner, these chunky ebony BBWs have a penchant for sucking dick - especially when the penis belongs to a rich white man! Also, they might be huge, but both of these babes are passibly attractive, with pretty faces and nice natural boobs. The titties are a bit saggy, but what do you expect from an ebony street hooker? The girls take turns sucking Hugh's cock, and then one of the whores sits on his face while the other babe continues to work the semen out of the balls. The girls fight to catch the splashing load.

Two Huge Black BBWs Work A White Cock

Duration: 7m, 42s, Starring Peaches, Scented Kisses, Hugh Blackner

(1 Vote)

Perverted white stud Hugh Blackner hires two sexy black BBW whores, Peaches and Scented Kisses. These girls are both absolutely fucking massive! They virtually have to stand sideways to get through the door, and each of these horny sluts' boobies is bigger than the average man's head! They might be fat, but they are really deviant sluts who love to fuck and suck cock. The girls take turns blowing Hugh, and then he lies on his back, with one girl working his dick while the other huge heifer sits on his face! It's lucky that this guy doesn't get smothered to death by these plus sized whores! The chunky bitches swallow his whole load.

Huge Fat Babes Have A Hunger For Cock

Duration: 11m, 10s, Starring Dimples, Farrah Foxx, Victoria Alure, Hugh Blackner

(1355 Votes)

In this extreme BBW foursome, pornstar Hugh Blackner has his dick worked by huge fat tarts Dimples, Farrah Foxx and Victoria Alure. All three of these girls are absolutely fucking massive! We're not just talking about chubby - we're talking about stomach rolls that hang down to these horny bitches' knees! They are all hungry for a fat cock in their mouths - maybe they think it's a hot dog! Hugh just stumbles from one girl to another, throat fucking them and watching them deepthroat his pole so effortlessly. All three chubby bitches kneel before their man, gathering around the prick and awaiting that spurting protein explosion.

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